The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was one of the first seven departments established in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1977.  Classes began in the academic year 1977 – 1978 with small numbers of students and faculty members.

The Department has grown significantly year after year. It is considered now to be the biggest department in The College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Today, this department plays a leading role in providing different organizations and institutions with professional, skillful graduates.
Four years ago the number of national faculty members was 4, but today  the number is increased and becomes  10 faculty, and  2 teaching assistants ,who are on Ph.D scholarship abroad. 
Study plan in the Arabic Department has been improved several times in response to the New Vision, new innovation and modernization, and also in response to local market.
Major in Arabic Language and Literature
The Department of Arabic Language and Literature is offering two concentrations -- one emphasizing the Arabic language, the other emphasizing literature in Arabic -- the Arabic major focuses principally on the three main periods of Arab/Islamic culture: the medieval or classical; the neo-classical; and the modern eras.  Students will acquire theoretical and historical knowledge regarding the language's development and its literary evolution. Students will become familiar with critiques written in more recent times that shed new light on major classical and contemporary issues.

Jul 30, 2017