History provides its students with an exciting adventure into the past, the present and the future. The History Major is intended to provide students with a broad background in the historical trends which have shaped the modern world in general and the particular forces which have led to the development of contemporary society, culture and politics in the Islamic World and the United Arab Emirates.

Students are expected to learn not only basic facts of history, but also the contemporary methodologies historians use to reconstruct and interpret the past, in order to better understand the presence and the future.

The History and Archaeology major provides students with a general background in ancient and modern history along with a solid grounding in archaeology, archaeological techniques, and museum studies.

The program provides a unique perspective on the human past and enhances the students' understanding of how our societies came into being, and how they changed over time.The mission of the UAEU Tourism Studies program is to provide a nationally and internationally recognized program of excellence in teaching, research, and service in leisure, specifically in the areas of tourism, heritage and culture tourism and tourism planning and management. UAEU'S Tourism discipline aims to educate, train and assist students, individuals, businesses, and other stakeholders to take full advantage of the opportunities available through the use of responsible tourism development. UAEU Tourism program philosophy is driven by the belief that tourism can be a powerful driver for economic development in many emerging and transitioning economies, and can also fulfill a significant role in a community social-cultural development, congruent with the cultural norms and values of the multicultural populations of the UAE.

Oct 30, 2016