Welcome to the political science department at the UAEU. Our department is the leading political science department in the nation, and it is one of the largest departments at the UAEU. We are an intellectually divers faculty with teaching and research interests that range from international relations, comparative politics, political theory and thought, and public policy and administration. I am very proud to say that our faculty enjoy teaching, excited about research, and appreciate community service. We in the department define our success by how many talented students with potential we serve, and how effectively we serve our stakeholders. Our primary goal has always been to focus on providing the best possible education for students seeking to develop successful careers in the field of political science. Our curriculum is designed to achieve this goal by offering courses that develop student skills in positive and analytical thinking and writing, increase their understanding of political processes, and encourage responsible citizen.

The department offers a very distinguished Master program in Governance and Public Policy. This program is structured to enhance student knowledge and skills in the area of public policy and governance. It applies the knowledge of political science to serve the needs of the nation. I, therefore, would like to welcome all of you to the department as undergraduate or graduate students.

With best regards from the entire department

Dr. Mohamed Bin Huwaidin                  



Jul 30, 2017