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The Department of Sociology is one of the oldest departments of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Both male and female students can major in Sociology.  The Sociology Program provides students with systematic and comprehensive education of society with special attention to social interaction and the social making of humans.  The Sociology Program has three tracks: Development & Organizational Change, Applied Social Issues, and Anthropology & Folklore. These tracks do not have separate visions or missions, but conform to departmental views as a whole. The Department offers a minor in Family Studies. Sociology is relevant to a wide range of other disciplines, everyday life issues and community services. It has a broad scope that includes culture, heritage, family, gender, education, crime, social policy, politics, migration, population, development, and urbanization, among others. Besides their coursework, Sociology majors are given the opportunity to carry out supervised field research as a part of their undergraduate program.

Jul 30, 2017