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Author’s Guidelines

Guidelines for Manuscript Submissions

  1. The HHSS Journal uses American Psychological Association (APA) style or format
  2. Manuscripts including figures, drawings, tables and appendixes shall not exceed 12.000 words and no less than 4,000 words (including notes and references).
  3. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides. You should use a clear font that is highly readable. APA recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. For more information please, consult the website of APA: http://www.apa.org/pubs/authors/instructions.aspx
  4. The journal follows the transliteration system used by IJMES. For more information, please see IJMES transliteration chart  (2.3 MB pdf).
  5. In APA periodical citation, authors are named by their last name followed by initials; the publication year goes between parentheses and is followed by a period. Only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized for article titles. Periodical titles are written in title case and followed by the volume number, which, with the title, is also italicized.
  6. Endnotes, rather than footnotes, should be used, where necessary. Endnotes should appear directly before any references at the end of the manuscript. Book citations in APA require author name, publication year, work title, publication city, and publisher.
  7. Individual authors are responsible for obtaining reproduction rights for all images to be published. Prior to publication, authors must provide written permission for reproducing each image or proof of public domain. Authors are responsible for all reproduction right fees.
  8. The Journal reserves its right to ask the author to omit, reformulate, or reword his/her manuscript or any part thereof in a manner that conforms to the publication policy.
  9. Copyright pertinent to the manuscript accepted for publication shall be transferred to the Journal.
  10. Authors whose work is accepted by and published in the journal will receive a symbolic honorarium. 
  11. A PDF copy of the published article will be sent free of charge to the principal author.
  12. All articles published in the journal have been selected on the quality of their research and have been accepted in good faith. Authors have been asked to warrant that their articles contain nothing illegal and conform to high ethical standards. The editors take no personal responsibility for what is published in the journal.
  13. The journal requires online submission at http://journals.sfu.ca/hhss/index.php/hhss/index  Authors must register with the journal before submitting.  Authors who have already registered can simply log in and begin the five-step submission process.


Guidelines for Book Reviews

  1. The HHSS Journal accepts for consideration both solicited and unsolicited book reviews.
  2. Reviews of single books should not exceed 1300 words.
  3. Review articles that discuss more than one book should not exceed 1800 words.
  4. Every book review should begin by citing the book (or books) to be reviewed, with full bibliographic information including full title (with subtitle), place of publication, publisher, copyright date, number of pages, price in U.S. dollars, if available, and ISBN number.
  5. Book reviews should present a reasoned and fair evaluation of the book and its primary arguments and outcomes.
  6. When a book review is published, the author of the book review will not receive a symbolic honorarium.



Oct 30, 2016