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Research Capabilities

Faculty members of CHSS are active researchers and are involved in different research and scholar activities. Their different areas of interest include: 


  • Kierkegaard and Classical Greek Thought.
  • Reinventing Philosophy as a Way of Life.
  • Embodied Cognition.

Arabic Language and  Literature

  • Modernization of Arabic Rhetoric.
  • Arabic Literature, Syntax and Heritage Editing.
  • Cognitive Linguistics, Semantics and Sociolinguistics.
  • Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Lexicon and Semantics.

Translation Studies

  • Translation Quality Assessment.
  • Translation of Scientific and Medical Texts.
  • Media Translation.
  • Translation Methodology.
  • Culture and Translation.
  • Literary Prose Translation.
  • Language and Culture Teaching.
  • Etymology and Ancient Languages.


  • Arabic Linguistics and Neurolinguistics.
  • Arabic Word and Sentence Processing (using EEG and MEG).
  • Language Disorders and Rehabilitation.
  • Neuropsychological Assessment.
  • Neuroimaging of Language.
  • Applied Linguistics.
  • Sociolinguistics.
  • Language Variation and Change.
  • Speech Perception.
  • Motor Control.
  • Action-Perception Interaction.
  • Embodied Cognition.

English Literature

  • English/American Literatures, Literary: Applied Criticism.
  • Cinema Studies, Theater Studies, Fine Arts.
  • Modernism and Post-Modernism Studies.
  • Feminist Studies.
  • Middle Eastern Literatures.
  • Comparative Literatures.
  • Middle Ages and Renaissance Literature.

Mass Communication

  • Social, Gender, Organizational and Public Relations.
  • Women and Media, Citizen Journalism, Social Media Issues.
  • War and Media.
  • Health Communication.

History and Archaeology

  • Islamic History and Civilization.
  • The Ancient History of the Near East.
  • Egyptian, Greek & Roman Archaeology.
  • Tourism.
  • Mediterranean Archaeology.
  • Classical Archaeology.

Social Work

  • Women’s Issues, Knowledge and Skills Basic for SW Practice.
  • Social Welfare Policy: Child Abuse.
  • Social Work: Play Therapy.
  • Evidence-based Practice.
  • Adolescent Issues.


  • World Views, Cultural Anthropology, Folklore, Middle East, Arab American.
  • Social and Economic Change, Globalization Studies.
  • Development: Human and Community, Immigration, Women’s Studies.
  • Environment and Society, Race and Ethnicity.
  • Medical Sociology. 


  • Neurodegenerative Diseases, Effect of Herbal Extracts on Memory and on Cancer Cells.
  • PTSD, Stress, CBT Implementation in the Middle East, Neurocognition.
  • Child and Women Abuse, Depression, Personality Disorders, Non-Attack Epileptic Disorder, Childhood Disorders, Children Psychological Problems, Identity and School Psychology Issues.
  • Self-Related Beliefs, Motivation Psychology of Gender and Socialization.
  • Scales Development, Tests Analysis, Missing Data Analysis.
  • Counseling Needs, Career Interests.
  • New Born Face Perception: Intermodal Processing, Language & Autism/Down Syndrome.

Geography and Urban Planning

  • Cartography, and GIS and Remote Sensing Applications.
  • Demography Analysis.
  • Economic and Industrial Activities. 
  • Urban Planning and Land Use Arrangement Analysis.
  • Transportation and Field Analysis.
  • Environmental and Physical Analysis.
  • Climatology, Geomorphology, and Oceanography Analysis.

Political Science

  • Political systems and governments.
  • Public administration.
  • Public policy.
  • International politics and international relations.
  • Political Theory and political thought.


The College also aims to promote the research expertise of faculty members within the University and UAE society; to enhance the research dimension of our undergraduate curricula and align new graduate programs to the research interests of faculty members and the nation, and to implement a new award scheme for the best undergraduate research project.


Oct 30, 2016