Admission Requirements

To be admissible in the program, a candidate must fulfill the English and GPA admission requirements.

For detailed and up-to-date requirements, please visit the College of Graduate Studies' Admission page

Note: holders of degrees from universities that do not use the GPA system, an equivalent GPA will be calculated, based on their graduation average.

Admission Cycles and Deadlines

The Fall semester admission is for Abu Dhabi enrollments and the Spring semester admission is for Al Ain enrollments.

Deadlines for Admission Applications:

Semester (From - To) City
Spring 2016 Admission 1 June 2015 - 15 November 2015 Al Ain
Fall 2016 Admission 1 December 2015 -­ 15 May 2016 Abu Dhabi
Spring 2017 Admission 1 June 2016 ­ - 15 November 2016 Al Ain


  1. All applicants have up to one month after a deadline to submit all required, official documents.
  2. The deadlines for foreign applicants who reside outside the UAE are one month prior to the aforementioned dates..

Admission Procedures

Eligible persons must apply online and then submit the required original documents to the Admissions Office before the deadlines (see above), in person or by (express) mail

To apply please visit the graduate admission web page

More Information

If you need more information and help, please contact us.

Oct 30, 2016